Episode 59: Strong Social Strategies with Kyle Turk

I don’t know if you frequent the same social channels that I’m using for the podcast: IG, TW and my personal LinkedIn feed. I’ve put posts for the last 3 years on those platforms and the one thing I can tell you is that without paid promotion, it takes real work to reach a decent audience. 

I wanted to know how others play this game so I asked someone who started promoting things on Facebook 15 years ago. He’s not on all the social channels and doesn’t pretend to keep his Twitter account active, but for the company that’s his day-job and the clients he serves through his agency, he knows how to use content that gets noticed. 

Today’s guest, Kyle Turk, has headed the marketing teams at both public and private sector organizations. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from St Francis Xavier University, and is a recipient of Ottawa’s Forty Under 40 award.

Listen for his explanation of how to conceive and create content.  He also does a great job of outlining how social selling should work to smoothly shift from public commenting with someone to  continuing the conversation through direct messaging. 

 Let’s learn how to up our social media game, with Kyle Turk!

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

Episode Reboot

Observe what posts prompted you to engage. Deconstruct them and see what’s transferable to the content that you post.

Episode 44: Social Networks for the 2020s, with Mandi Relyea Voss

In this episode I talk with Amanda Relyea-Voss (who also likes to be called Mandi), owner of a 5 person social media marketing agency, Like a Voss, that serves B2C and B2B companies. Listen for the ways Mandi has used social media to interact with prospects and how this has propelled them to buy from her customers.

Last time Amanda was on the podcast, we covered LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Since then, there have been many changes to these platforms – Stories; a way for users to watch a short, possibly edited, video of anything they wish to upload. We have also seen new platforms which have become popular in just a short amount of time such as TikTok and Clubhouse. In this podcast, we talk about these platforms and see if they can add value to companies who need help with their social media marketing.

Catch this video excerpt from the episode:


Episode Reboot

“Show up as yourself”

How to Contact Amanda

Episode 37: Taking B2B beyond the Big Three: Running Paid Social on Smaller Networks with Andrea Cruz

A lot of attention is given to the largest ad platforms (Google/YouTube and Facebook proper, along with Instagram & WhatsApp) – eMarketer says this duopoly accounts for two-thirds of all digital advertising.

If you include Amazon, whose market share is somewhere in the teens and should be in the 20s soon, over 80% of all the money paid to reach buyers is spent on three platforms. Does it make sense to take our advertising beyond these big players to smaller networks, that account for only one out of every five? Our guest, Andrea Cruz, says yes. A Manager with Boston-based agency KoMarketing, she feels these lesser-known Social Networks pose a great opportunity for B2B advertisers. In this show, she will talk about three networks, and how it takes a different approach to campaign on them successfully. 

Persons, concepts and products mentioned:

Episode Reboot

Don’t go too big, don’t go too small. Try to go for a medium-amount of data so you can learn.

Episode 31: Dissecting Marketing Scams with Micheal Pacitto

We’ve all been pitched by MLMs in consumer categories like weight-loss and cosmetics. You should know there are similar operators in the corporate marketing world, scamming even experienced business leaders. 

Someone who’s seen this up close is agency owner Mike Pacitto. He’s angered by not only the real monetary damage scams cause; these bad actors also sour companies trusting the work of legitimate marketing agencies like his and mine. 

In this episode, Mike raises issues like:

  • How the internet amplifies the moral hazards of scamming people, because the vendor can set up a website for a negligible cost and disconnect themselves from it in an instant.
  • What are the vendor’s responsibilities in screening the buyers with whom the odds of success will be highest
  • How Marketing scammers and gambling institutions sell a money-losing activity but that gambling advertisements come clean about this, while scammers claim that they can make people money. 
  • How not to become a victim.

For complete Show Notes, go to: https://www.funnelreboot.com/episode-31-dissecting-marketing-scams-with-micheal-pacitto

Episode 28: Thought-Leading Content on LinkedIn with Darryl Praill

Disclaimer: The company featured here is not a sponsor of the show, nor have I affiliated with them. They simply bring a perspective that I think you’ll get some use from.

This episode talks with someone who has used LinkedIn as a platform for promoting branded content. It nicely complements Episode 27 on LinkedIn Ads with AJ Wilcox

In his three years with VanillaSoft, maker of SaaS-based sales software, he has brought them visibility in the form of a podcast, virtual events, and conference keynotes. This exposure and the resulting growth in pipeline revenue has resulted in Darryl being promoted to Chief Revenue Officer for the company. 

Listen to this episode to hear:

  • How to draw global attention to a brand by being yourself. 
  • Choosing who makes the content – the founder or a person hired to do this.
  • How to devote time to creating content, by pushing your own ego out of the way.
  • Why you shouldn’t pay too much attention to your likes and comments statistics.
  • How the use of Video falls in and out of favour with LinkedIn’s algorithm 
  • How you can turn a larger competitor’s strength into a disadvantage by how you position yourself on social media.

People/products mentioned in this episode:





LinkedIn Live

WIIFM – What’s in it for me?

How the company that best markets itself ends up the winner – VHS vs Beta 

Connect with Darryl on LinkedIn

Episode Reboot

Just communicate the way you already do in sales meetings and casual discussions, but do it online.

Episode 25: Conversational Marketing with Andres Tovar

Conversational Marketing with Andres Tovar

Are you speaking AT or speaking WITH your prospects? Companies are increasingly turning to messaging agents to chat with their prospects. This show focuses on how marketers can use this technology to have conversational interactions with their audience.

I’m speaking Andres Tovar, with a Southern-Ontario based marketer who has built chat-based campaigns for many organizations. He began offering his skills on a contract-basis while he was still in school, doing a business degree at the University of Ottawa. His work was noticed by a faculty member, who hired him for the business school’s own marketing. Since then, he has picked up industry certifications and set up his own consultancy called Noetic Marketer which serves mainly B2C clients.

Andres will talk about the two types of chat tools: ones that use someone’s social log-in and ones that are native to a website. He takes us through selecting the steps in the customer journey when chat interactions make sense. Tips are given on how to brand a chatbot and how to script a bot’s reactions so they flow nicely towards a human touch-point.

People/products/concepts mentioned in this episode:

Whatsapp messenger







IBM Watson

Episode Reboot:

Put chat functionality on product pages or other places with a call-to-action.

Episode 24: Social Media Marketing with Amanda Relyea-Voss

In this episode I talk with Amanda Relyea-Voss (who also likes to be called Mandi), owner of a social media marketing agency that serves B2C and B2B companies. Listen for the ways Mandi has used social media to interact with prospects and how this has propelled them to buy from her customers.  We talk about creating social posts from a single piece of content, what kind of text and images to use, applying hashtags and the KPI ratios you can use to measure your effectiveness. 

You can connect with Amanda on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as well as find out about Amanda’s agency, likeavosssm.com

People/products/concepts mentioned:

OttawaKiosk, local site within CanadianKiosk 



Social Media Rule of thirds

Social Media Marketing World

Episode Reboot:

Once you have built your organic audience, consider leveraging it by using the platform’s lookalike audience feature to put your content in front of a wider audience.

Episode 17: Staying Human in today’s Media landscape, with Eric Collard

Whether you look at traditional or digital media, there’s a growing expectation that brands be more human. Those that use technology as a spamming tool or a way to hide from their buyers are being ignored or worse, heckled by their audience on social media. You may not be experiencing this problem right now, but just because you aren’t, doesn’t mean you don’t have this problem.  

Buyers may be at a breaking point where they’ll stop tolerating company messaging in their media feed. We have saturated our audiences with so much sterilized corporate-speak, they don’t even hear us anymore. This is a sure-fired way to lose, and the only way we can win is to be more human. Listen to my conversation with Eric Collard (here are his TwitterLinkedIn profiles) who knows a lot about how to communicate in a human way.

Items talked about in show:

Funnel Reboot Episode 15 – Ad Fraud and what you can do about it

People & Products Mentioned

United Airlines

Mathew Sweezey 

Douglas Rushkoff

“The Marketing Rebellion” by Mark Schaefer

Quote attributed to Anthony Robbins (originally by Jim Rohn) “Success leaves clues.”

Image Eric likes depicting the journey:







Episode 2: Dealing with Digital Channels

dealing with digital channels


This is the 2nd in a 5-part series on how digital marketing’s different. This episode covers four prevalent types of ad channels (Search Results, ads preceding or near content, Ads in a Feed, Content-as-an-ad) and their targeting options.

shannon weaver model

Links to People/Things Mentioned:

The Canter & Siegel Spam Debacle

Samuel Scott article “How Google Analytics Ruined Maketing”

Rachel Parker

Mitch Joel

Robert Scoble, author of “Naked Conversations”

Perry Marshall, author of “80/20 marketing”

Funnel Reboot:

Use this matrix to compare your currently used ad platforms compare to the channels and targeting combinations available to you.

channels targets