Hey, Glenn here, saying thanks for your interest in an interview. If you want to book a recording time, click this calendar link:

Click to book your recording

I am going to guide you through the whole recording and interview  Here is the process:

  • I will send you a Zencastr link and then we’ll have a little pre-call chat. 
  • Then we’ll record the podcast. 
  • After we stop recording, you need to wait for a few minutes after your interview to give time for the full quality audio file to upload  I only get your side of the recording AFTER the interview recording is finished – so don’t close your browser tab until it says “You’re All Done”

Before our recording time, here are some logistical tips to follow, for best odds of success:

  • The best microphone to use is one that stands alone, with you about a foot away from it. ensure your computer audio input is set to this mic, not your onboard mic.
  • You’ll want to put earbuds or headphones, so the recording doesn’t pick up the sound of us talking at both ends.
  • Turn off all notifications on your computer and your phone.
  • We may use video to see each other, but it won’t be recorded.
  • If you’re on a basic internet connection, try to ensure it isn’t getting heavy use during the call. If you can, use a hardwired Ethernet connection. Close any browser windows/applications you aren’t using.
  • The best place to be for recording is a small room where there is minimal noise. Feel free to mute your microphone for times you need to type, shuffle papers, or have background noises.
  • There will be an opportunity to give it near the end of our talk for our REBOOT. This is where you can mention some call to action you want attendees to take.
  • Keep the language family friendly 🙂
  • If you get tongue twisted, just take a breath and repeat that part over. We’ll edit out those parts and you’ll end up sounding great.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Thank you!!