Episode 136: Building Analytics Teams, with John Thompson

Building Analytics Teams

John Thompson is the author of the 2020 book Building Analytics Teams, and a 35-year technology executive in the fields of data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). 

He is Global Head, Artificial Intelligence (AI) at EY.  John was an Executive Partner at Gartner. He was the global advanced analytics and AI function at  biopharmaceutical company CSL Behring, where he led an analytical applications team.

John has built start-up organizations from the ground up and he has reengineered business units of Fortune 500 firms to reach their potential. He has directly managed and run – sales, marketing, consulting, support and product development organizations.

He has been a technology leader with expertise and experience spanning all operational areas with a focus on strategy, product innovation, growth and efficient execution.

Thompson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Ferris State University and a MBA in Marketing from DePaul University.

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Tom Davenport

Data Science modules on Coursera by U Michigan’s Dr Charles “Chuck” Severance

Shawn Rogers

Diagram showing work of analytics being approached in either an artisanal or a factory style; used with permission

Episode Reboot. John’s book  “Data for All” published in 2023

Episode 135: Data Clean Rooms, with Puneet Gangrade

Data Clean Rooms

Disclaimer:When I bring technology vendors on the show, you should know that they are not sponsors or affiliates. They’re simply here to give you a broader perspective.

Puneet Gangrade is a Customer Success Engineer, an active amateur soccer and badminton player and a resident of New York City who originally hails from Indore, India

He works at Habu, a data clean room software company, with the goal of creating reliable data and media strategies for all of his clients. He is responsible to work with Habu’s Engineering, Product teams, and clients on end-to-end workflows including clean room adoption, onboarding, planning, implementation, and growth. Habu works across distributed data platforms that allow agencies, publishers, advertisers, and their partners to truly unlock the potential of data and collaborate in a privacy-safe manner. 

He has been a data clean room enthusiast since the beginning of 2018. Previously, he worked as a Digital Analytics Specialist at Time Inc till Oct 2017 and as a Data Science Team Lead at MightyHive, an adtech agency from early 2018 to mid-2022. He has a BS in Computer Science and earned his MS in Marketing Intelligence from Fordham University Gabelli School of Business, with a concentration in Marketing and Analytics.

Amid the rise of advanced measurement techniques in media and other industries, he likes to keep learning about various data clean room technologies and constantly think of use cases in media, finance, CPG, pharma, etc. where data clean rooms could be leveraged. He continues his passion for everything related to data clean rooms and data collaboration at Habu.

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Puneet’s LinkedIn Profile

Puneet’s Twitter Profile

Company where Puneet works: Habu

Description of Walled Gardens

Concept of an Escrow (example given with finance can also be applied to data)

Episode Reboot: Read this background article: Data clean room: A silver bullet to a post-cookie transition?

Episode 134: Revenue Operations, with Chris Hummel

Chris Hummel

This is the fourth part of our series on Revenue Ops.

Chris Hummel is a Managing Director of the Revenue Enablement Institute

He has been fortunate to hold numerous executive and c-level roles, including serving as the Global CMO at two Fortune 500 companies. While leading sales, product and marketing teams at world-class companies including Oracle, SAP, Schneider Electric, Siemens, United Rentals, he sat in the executive chair and board room meetings where we confronted key issues of performance, growth and transformation in several industries: construction, industrial, software, energy & automation, IoT, the public sector, healthcare, and other technologies. Living and working outside the US for 14 years in Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia has helped develop his global fluency.

In 2022, he co-authored the book, “Revenue Operations: A New Way to Align Sales and Marketing, Monetize Data, and Ignite Growth” which consolidated lessons from more than 100 CXOs. While so many of the challenges were similar, these leaders were rarely exposed to the learning of their peers.

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Juniper Networks

Chris’ email

You can purchase your copy of Revenue Operations from Amazon.

His fellow partner at the Revenue Enablement Institute is Steve Diorio. You may also be interested in a previous podcast episode with their associate, Neil Hoyne

RevOps System diagram, used with permission

Episode 133: Revenue Ops, with Vito Mazzarino

Vito Mazzarino

This is the third in our series on Revenue Operations.

Our guest grew up on the west coast and received his degree from the University of California at Berkeley. 

Over the course of his 20 year professional career, Vito Mazzarino has been both a company owner and an employee brought in to help with Marketing and Business Development. While doing that, he grew to love using automation to streamline marketing & sales processes. 

By the middle of the 2010s, he knew the automation tools well enough to implement them. He took this as a signal that he should make a change, so he moved to Montreal Quebec and started his own agency.  

Growth Geyser was born in 2018 to strategize and deploy automation that grows a company’s  customer base and  hits their sales targets. 

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Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Growth Geyser’s 17-point Lead Management Checklist for Small Business Owners (PDF)

Episode 132: From Backroom to Boardroom, with Debbie Qaqish

Ep 132 Debbie Qaqish

This is the second episode in our Revenue Ops series. 

As Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of The Pedowitz Group, Dr. Debbie Qaqish has helped marketing teams drive revenue growth, foster customer centricity and lead digital transformation. With a focus on revenue operations, the customer experience and a personalized, omni-channel marketing mix, Dr. Debbie has established herself as a thought leader and digital pioneer, spearheading the overdue shift of traditional marketing strategies to what she coined as “revenue marketing” in 2011. Since then, marketing operations became her area of expertise, devising strategy-to-execution plans that earn marketing a seat at the table.

Dr. Debbie has published over one hundred articles, blogs, podcasts, webinars and white papers and in 2021 published “From Backroom to Boardroom”

Dr. Debbie earned her doctorate in 2019 from the University of Phoenix.

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Dr Debbie Qaqish’s personal site

To receive The “From Backroom to Boardroom” eBook, send an email to Debbie 

Steve Woods


MarTech stack appearing in book, used with permission

Episode 131: Revenue Ops, with Lawrence Quan

Lawrence Quan

Sales has been around forever. But how long have we had marketing? In North America, it’s the late 1800s and  early 1900s. 

You’d get an idea of what they were focused on by reading the journal of the US agricultural economics Bureau. In it, they chronicled the 1937 annual meeting the National Association of marketing officials (You may know it by its current name, the American Marketing Association). The proceedings were entirely about the marketing of… farm products. Producing and selling as many commodities as possible, to as many regions as possible.

Despite being in just one category, this assembly of academia and Industry was trying to formalize how this function would blend in with the other departments, like sales, within the average American business. Fast forward nearly a century, there seems to be a new framework on the horizon for how the marketing and sales functions should be organized – and it’s called Revenue Operations. The purpose of this four part series is to go inside businesses where it’s being used and listen to thought leaders who have written about it. 

For this first episode of the series, we going into the trenches with someone possessing a diverse blend of experience spanning Revenue Operations, Marketing, Sales, and Product, Lawrence Quan brings a holistic view of revenue to startups of all stages. 

He is Director, Growth Marketing with LTSE. He has also built growth teams at Rewind and led Growth Marketing at Clearco. On the side, Lawrence works with seed, Series A, and Series B SaaS companies to build and scale go-to-market engines.

 Listen to the various places he’s seen RevOps in organizations but wherever it sits, he stresses that it is a team sport. Hear how a revenue-focus gets infused into the Marketing Mix, and how the best marketing ideas don’t always come from marketing. 

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Lawrence’s LinkedIn profile 




Archival records from early days of marketing. The group working to advertise farm products here later became the American Marketing Association.

Episode 130: How to Interview Customers, with Ryan Gibson

Hot to Interview Customers with Ryan Gibson

We spend a lot of time demonstrating who our company is built around. We leave an open chair for them in board meetings. We put notices on the footer of our website, We provide automated feedback mechanisms so we can gauge how they feel, and when we hold in-person events or trade shows where they appear, we make every effort to give them swag and confirm their upcoming purchase plans (hopefully, buying from us). I’m talking about customers, of course, and though we do all these things, there seems to be one thing we dance around; the one simple  activity that could give the most intelligence –  talking to them. 

I’m not saying we don’t talk to customers. But most of that talk is anecdotal. I don’t know about you, but as a marketer, I wouldn’t go to the C-suite and defend a marketing program and budget based on a customer’s anecdotal comment. 

But done in the right way, that’s systematic and that follows qualitative Research principles, talking to customers can take the pulse of our market. We can analyze their experiences, making those findings available,  doing it in a way that would not only stand up to any Executive’s scrutiny, they’d insist on basing more corporate decisions on this information. 

Over his 20 years in marketing. Ryan Gibson has worked with dozens of businesses overseeing programs from the bootstrapped variety, on up to million-dollar budget variety.  

Using skills he got early in his career he worked in TV & Radio and film, doing a stint as reporter for Canada’s public broadcaster, CBC, which got him so used to interviewing, he kept doing it and figures that he’s now conducted over 1800 of them

He now heads up Content Lift, a Marketing Strategy consultancy centred around Customer Research. 

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Ryan is prolific on LinkedIn 

Ryan’s How to Run Customer Interviews course

Related show: “Lean B2B” with Etienne Garbugli

Wynter online panel

Respondent software

As you interview, pretend you’re detective Columbo

Episode 129: Marketing a SaaS product, with Mark Evans

Marketing a SaaS Product

Let me run a scenario by you: I want you to have something I’m not finished making, and I’m not going to let you buy it, but I will let you pay to use it. and you will continue to pay me over time to use this thing that I continue to work on. And while you use it, I will get to see what you’re doing with my product. And I’ll use that information to figure out how I can sell you new things.

It doesn’t sound like a very good deal for you as a buyer,  does it? But this is exactly how SaaS works, and most of the software in B2B and the world for that matter is now bought & sold this way, marketers don’t skip a beat explaining this aspect of their product. But surprisingly, some things about SaaS products do trip them up. And today we’re going to talk with someone who’s seen almost everything that can go wrong in marketing SaaS.

Mark Evans has worked in & written about the SaaS space for his whole career.  He began as a technology journalist for the Globe & Mail, National Post, and Bloomberg News. Moving on from there, he co-founded what ended up being a wildly unsuccessful startup. Some of the mistakes you’ll hear are ones that he himself has made.

He now helps B2B SaaS companies accelerate growth with rock-solid marketing foundations underpinned by positioning, messaging, brand storytelling, and go-to-market plans. 

Through his consultancy Marketing Spark he works with B2B SaaS companies as a fractional CMO, strategic advisor, brand strategist and coach.

he spends a lot of time focused on positioning, strategy, and systems that drive consistent and successful marketing, 

We spoke to him in his hometown of Toronto, where in off-hours you can find him playing hockey and tennis.

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Mark on TikTok

Mark on Twitter

Mark’s Marketing Spark podcast

Mark’s book: “Marketing Spark”

Eric Ries, author of “Lean Startup”

Rand Fishkin

Episode 128: High Tech Marketing Simplified, with Ted Marena

High Tech Marketing Simplified, Ted Marena

This is the last episode we’re covering in our series around product marketing books. The books in the three previous shows gave foundational advice that would benefit any product manager or  product marketing manager in their career. But there’s a single vertical that has idiosyncrasies setting it apart from other industries, and you should know about them if you’re going to market these kind of products. 

The industry that does things differently is High tech – and today’s book not only explains how to market these products, it boils it down into simple steps that you can apply on the job.  

Ted Marena has been in the tech sector for  over 25 years, working his way from engineering to sales and onto marketing roles.

Marena came out with the book “High-Tech Marketing Simplified” in 2022. It builds upon his initial book “Marketing Simplified.” He earned a BSEE from the University of Connecticut and a MBA from Bentley University. I caught up with him in the High Tech mecca of Silicon Valley where he lives with his wife & sons. 

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

Ted’s email: ted.marena@gmail.com

Get EducaTed by Ted – YouTube channel

High-Tech Marketing Simplified book on Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/High-Tech-Marketing-Simplified-Insiders-Experience-ebook/dp/B0BC83D4PC/

High-Tech Marketing Simplified book on Kobo – High-Tech Marketing Simplified eBook by Ted Marena – EPUB | Rakuten Kobo United States

If you are a fan of Tesla, check out Ted’s product reviews – Tesla Owners Silicon Valley – YouTube

Moore’s Law” coined by Gordon Moore of Intel

Raspberry Pi

Avoid the problem of marketing “Trombone Oil” or a product with too small a niche audience (illustration used with permission).

Episode 127: The Launch with Yasmeen Turayhi

The Launch with Yasmeen Turayhi

Product Marketing Managers go through trying times, but possibly the moments where these stresses are most concentrated are when their function is initially being formed, and of course when a new product is being launched. Key decisions are made at these times, and they are extra stressful when you have to make those decisions in a vacuum, without a formulated strategy to guide its development.  

Our guest’s book takes you through a dry run of this whole process. It gives you questions that begin at the genesis of a product, following through topics that you ought to readily answer at that particular stage. 

By testing how well you’re able to answer those questions, you can catch any gaps before they turn into stress-inducing all-night work marathons.

Yasmeen Turayhi is an authority on  product management. She’s taught Bootcamps and workshops for Global companies and universities such as Harvard and MIT, and been a mentor at Founders Institute.

In addition to her three books on this subject,  she has also written dramatic screenplays, one of which was feted at International Film Festivals in Beirut and Hollywood. She is the host of “Gateways to Awakening” a podcast dealing with wellness, personal development, and higher consciousness.

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Yasmeen’s twitter profile

Yasmeen’s LinkedIn profile

Yasmeen’s Instagram profile

Yasmeen’s Medium profile

Yasmeen’s book “The Launch”

Yasmeen’s Latest book, “Breaking into Product Marketing”

Jobs To Be Done framework

Ed Catmull’s book Creativity, Inc.

Evelyn Watts