Episode 4: Dealing with how digital is measured


This episode is about how digital has changed how we measure marketing. We’ll cover the explosion of data brought by the Internet. We’ll look at how to clean and filter data so only the right kind is used for analysis. We’ll talk about tools for analyzing and reporting data, for sharing data with core areas of our business, and also for insights we ourselves get out of it. Finally, we’ll see how more leads can be generated by analyzing how buyers respond to our content.

Links mentioned:

Urchin Software  (acquired/rebranded as Google Analytics)

Robert Rose

Difference between Stock and Flow numbers

Renaissance Men

Eric Peterson’s Big Book of Key Performance Indicators (author’s full-text release)

This Episode’s Reboot:

I’m going to recommend that you review your own KPIs. You can even benchmark them against some external KPI libraries out there. First time I learned these things existed, I was fascinated. There’s kpilibrary.com, free-kpi.com, smartkpis.com and others. These are all great places to get inspiration for choosing the KPIs that matter to your own organization.

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