Episode 124: The Year 2022 in Review

Here is a look back at marketing trends, as seen by 19 of this past year’s guests. What they feel is most important in marketing and where they think we’re going next.

Five key themes of 2022 that will carry into 2023:

  • Analytics is Everywhere
  • Translating data into revenue dollars
  • Recasted relationship with Sales
  • Doing More with Knowing Less (privacy concerns)
  • Things made possible by AI

Here are the people you will hear on this episode:

Gary Amaral

Eric Boissonneault

Jodi Daniels

Kevin Dieny

Janet Driscoll Miller

Rick Endrulat

Amanda Farley

Richard Fergie

Kevin Hartman

Jon Hinderliter

Leona Hobbs

John Jantsch

Ameet Khabra

Cathy McPhillips

Drew Neisser

Keith Perhac

Paul Roetzer

Brett Serjeantson

Julia Vyse

Thanks to them and all of the guests featured on shows throughout 2022!

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