Episode 138: How Data Pipes Operationalize Analysis, with Noah Learner

Today we’ll talk about automated marketing data pipelines for reporting and even activation. If that last sentence didn’t make total sense to you, don’t worry, our guest is going to tell us why we need it and how we can set out implementing it. 

The place where Noah Learner got his start was on the island of Nantucket.  It’s around 20km (15 mi) long, which is small enough that most visitors leave their cars on the mainland, come across on the ferry and rent a bike. 

Noah’s journey started with a job at one of the island’s bike rental shops. Over the next decade as he rose to become the company’s GM, he became convinced of the power of SEO for driving traffic. 

He relocated to Colorado, at various points he worked in corporate SEO roles and worked out on his own. He even mashed up skills from his past to serve businesses in the pedal-powered rental market, calling it ‘bike shop SEO.’

In the past 4-5 years he’s built cutting edge SEO tools using Google Cloud technology and has shared how to deploy them by speaking at MozCon, SearchLove and LocalU and in the agencyautomators.com community which he cofounded. he’s just taken on a new role  that has tool-building  baked into his mandate, as Director of Innovation for Sterling Sky

When not at work, he loves doing typical Colorado things like fly fishing and skiing, along with family-friendly activities like hiking and camping where their two dogs can tag along.

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

DBT, or  Data Build Tool is a set of scripts or programs that, when deployed, cleans and transforms a data source’s original tables and fields into a usable format for analysis.

VS code environment

Noah’s LinkedIn profile

Two Octobers

Learner’s model: Revenue = Transactions X Conversion Rate X Average Order Value 

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