Episode 160: Do It! Selling, with David Newman

Do It Selling

If you want to learn about sales and start Googling, you quickly run across self-professed gurus, who claim to know the secret to selling. If you faithfully follow this method (available today only for a low low price), you’ll have sales success. Despite feeling a twinge of skepticism about their pitch, you’re so deep into their slick, pressure-filled pitch at this point that you pay for their books and courses…which end up being disappointing. 

Today’s guest says these gurus have put you in the Vortex of crazy. 

He doesn’t try to apply the same advice to everyone – his response reminds me of what an ancient Buddhist guru said. Well, according to a novel written a century ago by Hermann Hesse. 

There are a few men on a spiritual pilgrimage, and they reach a stage where the leader, Siddhartha, tells his followers that he must  continue on alone. His right-hand man, Govinda asks him why, “Siddhartha…spoke quietly… “Always, oh Govinda, you’ve been my friend, you’ve always walked one step behind me. Often I have thought: Won’t Govinda for once also take a step by himself, without me? Behold, now…[you] are choosing your path for yourself.”

Our guest says there’s only one sales method that works  –  the one that comes naturally to you. That refreshing take ripples through his 2023 book Do It! Selling.

David Newman has been working since 1992 to help customers land better clients, bigger deals, and higher fees. From Fortune 500 corporations to sole-practitioners, his firm has helped over 1,800 clients with their marketing, sales, and professional services. David is also the host of the highly rated podcast, The Selling Show.

David is married to the #1 most amazing woman on the planet (his words, not mine), launched two great kids into the world disguised as small adults, and has enjoyed raising some of the world’s sweetest retrievers.

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

David’s site Do It Marketing

David’s free webclass about consultancy growth 

David’s Do It MBA

1992 Movie A Few Good Mew

Brent Adamson’s The Challenger Sale

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

Book urges sellers not to be shy about asking questions.

Episode 159: Revenue Growth Engine, with Darrell Amy

Revenue Growth Engine

How come the companies you hear boasting about their growth rarely seem to rack up impressive growth numbers? For all those that talk the talk, very few can say they have doubled their revenue in the last 3 years. And yet, according to our guest today, by simply increasing new sales by 15%/yr and selling 15% more per year to existing clients, doubling revenue is totally achievable.

In the 27 years since he graduated with his MBA, Darrell Amy has worked  heavily in the tech sector, mainly in sales and marketing. Wanting to help a larger number of companies, in 2004 he started his own business, speaking and acting as a fractional Chief Revenue Officer. In 2020, Darrell authored Revenue Growth Engine book  How To Align Sales & Marketing To Accelerate Growth.

He is a member of the Forbes Business Council and co-chair of the Kingdom Missions Fund. Based in Arkansas, with a family that now includes a couple of grand-children, let’s go talk to Darrell Amy.  

Darrell’s personal site

Revenue Growth podcast

Selling from the Heart podcast which Darrell co-hosts 

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

Jon Ferrera of GoldMine & Nimble

Tiffani Bova

Jay Abraham

Keith Eades author of The New Solution Selling

Brent Adamson co-author of The Challenger Sale

Theodore Levitt

Seth Godin

Donald J Miller’s “Storybrand”

Episode Reboot – get Darrell’s Revenue Growth Engine audiobook free by filling out this form or by texting ‘revenue’ to 21000

Using selling, upselling, and cross-selling together gives you a flywheel of growth.

Episode 158: Stop Looking for Zebras, with Robert Smith

Stop looking for zebras

The relationship between those who generate creative work and the rest of us in revenue-related roles can be …strained. From those I’ve talked to in graphics or visual arts, being left to their lonesome makes it hard producing creative that’s exactly what the marketers and other stakeholders wanted. 

That’s one reason why I hope you listen to today’s talk with a graphic designer who wrote a guide for other graphic designers.  To help your interactions with your creative counterparts. 

The other reason is this author’s healthy outlook…on everything. I was first exposed to how zen-like he was when I met him at an event in 2017. Reading LinkedIn updates over the next few years I marveled how he did everything at his design agency, his training business and his college lecturing. When we met again (virtually) in 2020 , he talked about everything he had going on, but in that same calm tone. 

So by the time he came out with his second book this last year – “Stop Looking for Zebras”, I seized the chance to let you hear his unique viewpoint for yourself. 

Let’s go hear from our guest Robert Smith who will explain the book’s title, and much much more.

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

Robert’s firm Think-Smith

Registered Graphic Designer designation

Steven Pressfield, “Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants To Be

Don’t be bugged when accolades don’t come. Bryan Adams called his second album https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/You_Want_It_You_Got_It but had originally wanted it called “Bryan Adams hasn’t heard of you either!”

Episode Reboot.  If you’re stuck on something creative, use Robert’s catchphrase: ‘Let it go, Picasso’

Episode 157: Revenue Acceleration Playbook, with Brent Keltner

Brent Keltner

“So, what does your company do?”

This is a simple question, which should have a simple answer. Yet whenever I’m asked it, I feel the tug to drift into a talk-track full of feature dumps. 

This, and other sales sins, lead to situations that lose potential sales. They put all of marketing’s hard work at risk of going to waste. Meticulously-crafted content, research on ICPs and  intent-based campaigns aimed at key Accounts can all be for naught if sales doesn’t have a game-plan for their conversation with the prospect.

It is at this point that companies seek the help of our guest 

After getting his Ph.D. at Stanford Brent Keltner spent ten years as a social scientist at the RAND Corporation. 

While he liked using his academic training, he looked for places his knowledge could be more practically applied.  Jumping to enterprise and early stage companies, he found gaps in their revenue function. But also found he could get sales teams unstuck from specific challenges with a bit of theoretical modeling. 

After more than a decade of experience as a revenue leader, he founded Winalytics LLC, a go-to-market and revenue consultancy whose clients include DealerRater, Lexmark, and Ascend Learning. He continued developing his list of situations and corresponding plays, which led to the publishing of his collection of The Revenue Acceleration Playbook which Brent came out with in 2022. 

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

Brent on LinkedIn


Author Todd Caponi

Author Neil Rackham

Buyer First, by Carol Mahoney

Marcus Sheridan books

Socratic method

Episode Reboot. 

Brent freely offers the first chapter of the book at AuthenticityWins.com

Episode 156: The Automatic Marketing Machine, with Danny Decker

Automatic Marketing Machine

In this episode, I spoke with Danny Decker about the book he co-wrote with RJon Robins, “The Automatic Marketing Machine” which came out in 2022. The book combines direct marketing, nurturing emails and retention tactics to form a sustainable supply of ready-to-buy leads.

Danny Decker spent most of his childhood in West Africa, where his parents were missionaries. When he was young, he saw people spending a large portion of their day getting water. In a similar way, businesses struggle to get a steady supply of prospects, even though leads are as important to business owners as water.  In their frantic bid to fill their funnel, they commit random acts of marketing, looking to Danny just like the villagers that he once watched use up precious energy, spending much of their time on just subsisting.

He is based in Huntersville, NC with his wife, two kids, and a hyperactive German shepherd. Through the Automatic Marketing Agency, Danny now shows businesses how to secure their prospect-supply by building marketing systems that work to help businesses reach their full potential. 

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

The Automatic Marketing Machine book

Danny on LinkedIn

Danny Decker Marketing

Danny’s Podcast (2018-2021)


Building a Storybrand book by Donald Miller

Episode Reboot. 

The five-step marketing automation email sequence: 

  1. Instant response, delivering the resource that the prospect requested. (This is the email we’ve already reviewed earlier in this chapter.)
  2. Send two days after the first email, following up to ensure the prospect got the resource, asking if they have any questions, and providing a link to schedule their appointment or visit your store.
  3. Send three days later, offering another piece of helpful content such as a blog entry or a video. Also include a link to schedule their visit to your location.
  4. Send three days later, sharing testimonials and success stories designed to help the prospect begin to create a vision for how much better life could look once they purchase your products or services. Include a link to schedule their visit.
  5. Send three days later, sharing a blog, infographic, article, or video that will be helpful to the prospect. And include a link to schedule their visit.

As a follow up, add the prospect to your main mailing list.

Episode 151: Analytics – worth the investment, with Martin McGarry

Analytics - worth the investment

Analytics is something that everyone says they want, and some brag that they can analyze very well. But few people know what investment’s required to build a quality analytics function, and even fewer are good at justifying its value. 

Our guest Martin McGarry is so passionate about analytics, as you’ll see from his  backstory, if anyone can articulate the business value of analytics, it’s him. 

After completing a Bachelor of Science from The University of Manchester and studying at the University of Cambridge as a Doctoral Candidate, our guest worked in the UK analytics practice of a global Management Consultancy.  Due for a change after 6 years of that, he moved to Ottawa Canada and founded his own consultancy so he could offer a more independent approach. A while later started the firm he’s been leading for nearly 15 years, Bronson Analytics

In 2018 he began a recurring event in Ottawa called Beer & Analytics, which draws hundreds from the field together for learning and socializing. In 2022, the event went outside of Ottawa for the first time, being held in Toronto. 

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

Martin’s LinkedIn profile

Machine Learning Expert Andiy Burkov

The Hundred-Page ML Book

Synthetic data vendors like DataRobot

Simulation running, via tools like Simul8

Analytics practitioners need to do better at explaining their value

Episode 150: Marketing Analytics Summit – Experts on where we go from here


It’s fitting, given how this is Funnel Reboot’s 150th episode, that we veer off of the standard format and dig into a niche within marketing that’s becoming a de facto part of every marketing function and is dictating new skills that every marketer must learn. I’m talking about marketing analytics. 

This episode is compiled from experts in the world of analytics. It was recorded on location at the Marketing Analytics Summit that was held in Las Vegas. It’s coming  hot off the press from the June 2023 event.

This episode is divided into themes discussed at the summit. Here they are shown with time markers for each chapter:

ChapterStarts atSpeaker (mentioning only first time they appear)
INTRO3:00Jim Sterne
GA5:56Sheena Green
Sara Hoffman
Kelly Anne Wortham
Kenya Gillette
Jenn Kunz
UX/Testing11:58Geddy van Elburg
Deborah O’Malley
Anna Smolina
Process17:53June Dershewitz
Brianna Mersey
People20:19Rachel Heseltine
Ali Groepper
Lina Mikolajczyk
AI’s impact23:50Ryan Levander
Mary Owusu
Facing Change28:48Anil Batra

People and events mentioned in the show: 

Deborah O’Malley, who was the guest on Funnel Reboot Ep 65

The winning analogy of the conference made fun of how loosely people add the term AI to everything. Kenya Gillette used soccer to characterize this. Imagine you were the person who designed the game, documented all the rules and scouted the earth for people to play it. 

Then someone says they can make soccer better…by simply playing the game ON THE MOON. That is the equivalent of saying that any business activity can be made better by adding AI to it.

Episode 149: Giving your programs a check-up, with Khatia Odzelashvili

Giving your programs a check-up, with Khatia Odzelashvili

When marketers from different companies get together and talk shop, it quickly becomes noticeable that each tackles their marketing problem differently. One by one, they throw into the conversation their own homebrew of channels, output tracking and the distinct expectations their stakeholders place on them. The more this study in contrast goes on, the more you hear them ask each other: “Why do you do it that way?” 

The responses to this question all fall under one unsatisfactory theme. It’s like Fiddler on the Roof, a broadway musical & movie set a century ago in part of the soviet union. A community of displaced Jews move into the slavic town of Anatevka. When townspeople ask them about their quirky customs, they give their famous one-word answer – Tradition. The main character defends his ancestors for starting the Tradition, even if nobody can remember why they made them in the first place. 

Some of the marketing tasks we do are grounded in logic, which can be found by probing our  institutional memory banks. But most of the time we don’t probe, Instead relying on circular reasoning about the fact that we have them as justification for why we have them. Nothing changes; we cling to pointless traditions, which just ends up wasting time that could be better spent elsewhere. 

Our guest, Khatia Odzelashvili knows how to give marketing functions a checkup, teasing apart the traditional practices that boost productivity from those that have run their course. She’s great at scrutinizing; at asking “Why do you do it that way?” She grew up in the republic of Georgia, shortly after the Communist system of the Soviets had collapsed.  Would they transition to the new ways? Many were reluctant to, craving the familiarity of communism. This wavering delayed Georgia’s emergence as a full-fledged  western economy. Perhaps Khatia came by her bold way of questioning things from seeing the damage that’s caused by clinging to the past. 

Khatia is the founder of a company called, not surprisingly, Bold Move Marketing. She is a public relations specialist with an entrepreneurial mindset who enjoys developing and implementing creative strategies. She has worked with and sometimes led a client’s team as they build marketing programs.

She was educated at Algonquin College as well as the University of Göttingen.

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

Bold Move marketing

Project management tool Asana 

Database platform Airtable

Episode Reboot. 

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  — usually attributed to Albert Einstein

Episode 148: Earned media: how to win coverage, with Phil Gaudreau

Phil Gaudreau

If you want to  communicate your message to others in this world, you only have four channels to choose from. Paid, Owned, Shared and Earned. If we expect to get some attention through shared and earned media, we should be prepared to face resistance, because we’re competing with the biggest and most attention-grabbing stories out there.

My guest Phil Gaudreau is a former journalist, who has turned his talents to serving the communication needs of other businesses. He does this through Make it Matter Media, the agency which he runs jointly with his wife Catherine. From their base in Kingston Ontario, they work with a diverse range of clients, including small and medium businesses, politicians, and not for profit organizations.Phil has also been actively engaged in the academic realm. He has worked with educational institutions such as Queens University, St. Lawrence College & Algonquin College, starting with communications roles and progressing to become a part-time professor of the subject.

An area where Phil loves to apply his writing and podcasting skills is generating awareness for businesses in less-populated regions. Ever since he teamed up with an Ottawa-based publisher in 2019, he has been the front-facing piece of several media properties focused on Eastern Ontario, which is as large as, and is as sparsely populated as the State of Maine.  His profiles convey how these companies bet their future on the local labour force, and how much is at stake for the community where the company chooses to locate.

If your brand, or your client’s brand, shares any commonality with the ones Phil works for, then you’ll agree with me that it’s really tough to get media coverage for organizations like yours. That’s why we need to hear from Phil, because he employs the scrappy, entrepreneurial tactics that you will need in order to get your message out there.

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

Phil on LinkedIn

Phil’s company Make it Matter Media

Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point

The Conversation Weekly podcast

Half as Interesting

The Weekly Planet by Mr Sunday Movies

Episode 147: Grow your market by going on stage, with Majeed Mogharreban

Majeed Mogharreban

Small-to-mid-sized businesses make up half of the economy. When surveys are done on why one company is chosen over another, buyers most-commonly cite the people as the main factor why they buy from them. 

It’s great that the founders or select team members are known by those buyers. But what about those who don’t know them? How can they get a wider circle to know about their expertise and how excellent they are at what they do? 

The vehicle that my guest believes does this better than anything else is public speaking. 

Majeed Mogharreban is a professional speaker, world traveler, and founder of ExpertSpeaker.com. Holding professional speaking status for 10 years, Majeed has worked with the United Nations, Fairtrade, celebrities, politicians, Olympic medal winners, CEOs, and top entrepreneurs to give speeches and tell stories that change the world. 

He is the author of the international best-seller  “Expert Speaker: 5 Steps To Grow Your Business With Public Speaking”

He is the highest-rated trainer in the world at Learning Tree International. Majeed resides in Quebec, Canada.

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

Majeed on LinkedIn

Majeed on Twitter

Majeed on Instagram

Majeed is on TikTok

Expert speaker podcast

Episode Reboot. 

Get the free Expert Speaker Book or get time on his calendar