Episode 158: Stop Looking for Zebras, with Robert Smith

The relationship between those who generate creative work and the rest of us in revenue-related roles can be …strained. From those I’ve talked to in graphics or visual arts, being left to their lonesome makes it hard producing creative that’s exactly what the marketers and other stakeholders wanted. 

That’s one reason why I hope you listen to today’s talk with a graphic designer who wrote a guide for other graphic designers.  To help your interactions with your creative counterparts. 

The other reason is this author’s healthy outlook…on everything. I was first exposed to how zen-like he was when I met him at an event in 2017. Reading LinkedIn updates over the next few years I marveled how he did everything at his design agency, his training business and his college lecturing. When we met again (virtually) in 2020 , he talked about everything he had going on, but in that same calm tone. 

So by the time he came out with his second book this last year – “Stop Looking for Zebras”, I seized the chance to let you hear his unique viewpoint for yourself. 

Let’s go hear from our guest Robert Smith who will explain the book’s title, and much much more.

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

Robert’s firm Think-Smith

Registered Graphic Designer designation

Steven Pressfield, “Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants To Be

Don’t be bugged when accolades don’t come. Bryan Adams called his second album https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/You_Want_It_You_Got_It but had originally wanted it called “Bryan Adams hasn’t heard of you either!”

Episode Reboot.  If you’re stuck on something creative, use Robert’s catchphrase: ‘Let it go, Picasso’

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