Episode 157: Revenue Acceleration Playbook, with Brent Keltner

“So, what does your company do?”

This is a simple question, which should have a simple answer. Yet whenever I’m asked it, I feel the tug to drift into a talk-track full of feature dumps. 

This, and other sales sins, lead to situations that lose potential sales. They put all of marketing’s hard work at risk of going to waste. Meticulously-crafted content, research on ICPs and  intent-based campaigns aimed at key Accounts can all be for naught if sales doesn’t have a game-plan for their conversation with the prospect.

It is at this point that companies seek the help of our guest 

After getting his Ph.D. at Stanford Brent Keltner spent ten years as a social scientist at the RAND Corporation. 

While he liked using his academic training, he looked for places his knowledge could be more practically applied.  Jumping to enterprise and early stage companies, he found gaps in their revenue function. But also found he could get sales teams unstuck from specific challenges with a bit of theoretical modeling. 

After more than a decade of experience as a revenue leader, he founded Winalytics LLC, a go-to-market and revenue consultancy whose clients include DealerRater, Lexmark, and Ascend Learning. He continued developing his list of situations and corresponding plays, which led to the publishing of his collection of The Revenue Acceleration Playbook which Brent came out with in 2022. 

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

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Author Todd Caponi

Author Neil Rackham

Buyer First, by Carol Mahoney

Marcus Sheridan books

Socratic method

Episode Reboot. 

Brent freely offers the first chapter of the book at AuthenticityWins.com

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