Episode 140: Infusing your Content with your Voice, with Alison Ver Halen

Regardless of when you’re hearing this, it’s safe to say that you’re running into content generated by AI. There is a lot of good brought by chat tools, but there’s one thing we want coming through in our content – that is to sound human. What engages people is content with personality, content that evokes a response. And that’s what today’s guest will break down for us.

When Alison Ver Halen found herself between jobs, her roommate’s dad, who was an attorney, offered to give her things to do around his office until she got back on her feet. One of the things he needed was someone to write blog posts for his law firm. He knew she had a strong writing background, so he offered her the gig, and she was more than happy to get paid to write.

After six months, he told her she had brought in $75,000 worth of business for his law firm, just from the blog posts she was writing for him.

After a while, she started writing for an associate of his, and then for some friends of hers. She did get another day job, but she kept writing on the side, and her client list kept growing until she knew she couldn’t do both any more, so she quit the day job to devote herself to writing full time, and she’s never looked back.She heads a Chicago-based agency called AV Writing services, in which she produces content for clients, with the help of her dog, Bobbi.

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Hard to imagine one of the ‘Friends’ lines spoken by another character; their voices are so unique.

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