How priorities shift as you grow, with Shannon Clement

Episode 164

If you take the United States economy as a bellwether, you can brea businesses down into three categories. There are Start-up companies that typically have annual revenue anywhere from a million up to $40 million.

Mid-market or  Scale-up organizations generally have an average annual revenue of $300-400 million.

Large enterprises, like those in the Fortune 500, had an average revenue in 2022 of $36 Billion. They represent the vast majority of all business revenues.

 The point is, these companies are such different sizes from each other, that you must tailor the marketing you do according to where they are on this continuum. Ideally, you’ll  take on the difficult task of reinventing the marketing function at each stage of their Start-up to Scale-up to enterprise journey. 

Our guest draws on 20 + years of experience in creating digital marketing and product development strategies that have resulted in highly converting online assets and campaigns. As a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer & owner of an Agency called Engagement Marketing, she has supported organizations and businesses in the growth stage looking for positioning help & support gaining further market traction. She also serves as a marketing consultant to Start-up Founders through various Accelerator and Incubator programs. 

Let’s join  this talk with Shannon Clement.

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