GA4 and the future of data, with Jason Hackenberry

Episode 173

Today, we’re talking about the future of data with Google Analytics 4.

It’s been about 6 months since we all had Universal Analytics. It’s good to talk to others who use GA4 to do their jobs, to compare notes. Although GA4 is here to stay, it still has gaps that need bridging.

That’s why I spoke with Jason Hackenberry, Head of Partnerships from web development agency Arctic Leaf. Prior to Arctic Leaf, he held Digital Marketing and operations roles at Weatherby and Save Khaki United, along with roles in Merchandising.

What you’ll hear is from a virtual event he and I did in December 2023, on topics including

  • How Google is migrating users of its free version differently from its 360 version
  • How to capitalize on the information provided by GA4
  • The data you actually need vs. what you THINK you need
  • Tips on finding insights, reporting, conversion tracking and data retention
  • New GA4 features that can help your lead generation or e-commerce website.

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