Developing sites that keep pace with customers’ needs, with Josh Garellek

Episode 174

The last podcast episode was a recap from a 3-part web event I took part in, called OnTap (link in notes). It’s a regular event put on by a premier web design agency, who  has helped me appreciate that There are websites and then there are websites.

Some give User Experience short shrift, slapping together generic templates that look 

Pretty, generic. Others use experts to make interfaces that are optimized for mobile and PC environments, and anticipate what users want and present their content in engaging ways. 

Some with so little security, they’re susceptible to cyber threats. Others invest heavily in cybersecurity – protecting not only themselves, but visitors as well. 

Some sites have clung to technology that’s become atrophied and prone to crashing. Others are kept up to date, and are upgradable as the company’s needs change. Some have a backend that craters when traffic spikes,while others keep humming because of their scalable infrastructure.

Some expect visitors will come back on their own initiative, others use email smartly to coax visitors back

Our guest is going to show us how to see the difference that well-developed websites can make. He knows how the value of our online presence can be unlocked to  produce experiences that lead to revenue.

Josh Garellek is co-founder & CEO of a full-service web development agency that’s spread across North America.

He grew up and started his studies in Montreal, then went on to study at New York’s Yeshiva University.

He did stints in the food service industry and e-commerce before starting  a game development studio, until he and a business partner teamed up, switching it into a web dev company called Arctic Leaf. He’s gone beyond this and started other ventures too. The drive to do all this, he’ll tell you, is probably  rooted in ADHD, or being a natural entrepreneur, or his chutzpah; probably all of these. But after knowing him for over a decade, for questions about what to do with your website, he is THE person to listen to. 

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

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Arctic Leaf’s OnTap: The Future of Data, Part 3

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