Episode 19: Legal and not-so-legal aspects of digital marketing, with Megan Cornell

In the fast pace of digital marketing, we sometimes brush up against legal issues. 

  • We might sometimes take risks that have legal repercussions. 
  • Other companies may harm our brand and we need to defend ourselves. 
  • We may do things where legal frameworks haven’t caught up and it’s not clear what is legal. 

Today’s guest is here to help marketers make sense of these situations. Megan Cornell is the founder of Momentum – a new kind of business law firm dedicated to providing law solutions in a way that works for clients. She explains data privacy, trademarks, spam, intellectual property and other legal issues we all face, giving plain-English explanations (a first for lawyers, as far as I know) of ways we marketers can stay on the right side of the law. 

People and Products/Resources mentioned:


See what aspects of Intellectual Property (IP) apply to you by referring to this Infographic:

Site containing more information on Canada’s approach to IP.

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