Episode 27: Leveraging LinkedIn Ads with AJ Wilcox

This is part of a pair of episodes about a social network devoted to business professionals, LinkedIn. To hear how to use thought-leading content on it, go to this show with Darryl Praill.
In this episode, you’ll hear AJ Wilcox, founder of a LinkedIn-only advertising agency, explain why you should advertise on LinkedIn. AJ was an early adopter of LinkedIn (you’ll see what I mean by looking at
his LinkedIn profile) and he goes in to deep description of many aspects of running paid campaigns on LinkedIn, including:

  • Which part of the BANT model which LinkedIn’s targeting provides.
  • How objective-based campaigns work. 
  • The four main types of ads you can create. 
  • How to differentiate explicit, implicit and behavioural targeting methods the platform uses so you can choose the best one for your campaign audience.
  • Why the cost-per-click of LinkedIn ads is higher than other platforms, and how it can still be economically justified.
  • How the age and past performance  of your campaigns is factored into what Linkedin charges you for a click.
  • Some of the newer platform releases, like integration of Microsoft Bing search behaviour and new features coming to the platform. 

People/products/concepts mentioned in this episode:

Bombora – Intent data for B2B marketing and sales

CPC vs CPM bidding

Rand Fishkin

AJ’s LinkedIn Ads Show podcast

Connect directly with AJ

Episode Reboot:

Add the LinkedIn pixel to your site even if you aren’t planning on a campaign. Get insights on what LinkedIn knows about your site visitors.

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