Episode 73: Marketing Mentors with Anu Adegbola

If you have been a marketer for a while, odds are you have been helped by a mentor.  The use of the word Mentor to mean someone who shares knowledge with a less-experienced colleague is relatively new in English. But the concept of a mentor can be found in cultures all over the world, Going back millennia. 

If you have been helped by a mentor, a good question to ask yourself is, “should I start mentoring others?” 

There are great benefits to doing this, provided you’re well-matched with the person you’re mentoring. One person who’s been at both ends of the mentoring spectrum is Anu Adegbola, Director of Paid Search at Marin Software. Originally from Nigeria, Anu moved to the UK and got a bachelor’s of computer science, with a master’s in marketing. She is also one of PPC Hero’s 25 Top Influencers for 2021. 

Listen to her as she describes what internal traits to look for in a mentee you’re considering working with, how senior marketers should balance advice on technical expertise with general professional advice, how to balance managing others and getting your job done, and how much you should open up about your own personal struggles to your mentee. 

Enjoy the episode. 

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Episode Reboot. 

When you’re asked to mentor someone, know that what you are saying yes to is primarily asking them questions. That’s the best way you can help them.

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