Episode 8: Top Paid Search Updates of 2018

This episode looks at 2018’s Top Changes in Paid Search Marketing. We have three PPC Professionals who reviewed the long list of features that PPC platforms made in 2018 and cut it down to a handful that are having the largest impact on B2B companies. Hear what we think are the best and worst changes made this past year, and what advertisers should to in reaction to them.

2018 Top Paid Search panel

Special thanks to two people who know their way around all the major PPC platforms, Pierre Levasseur and Olga Gladycheva, for joining as guest panelists in this episode. The updates covered include:

  • Google Analytics Audience Report
  • Bing Native Intent Ads
  • Responsive Search Ads
  • Smart bidding Display campaigns
  • Click to Message Email Forwarding
  • Bing’s new LinkedIn targeting abilities through Microsoft Audiences
  • Google Ads Removal of some Budget Limits
  • Custom Intent Audiences for Display/Retargeting
  • New Script GTAG.JS in Response to Browsers dropping cookies
  • Google Ads Suggested Ad copy
  • Smart display campaigns
  • Increased targeting of mobile traffic on display campaigns

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