Episode 9: How Dashboards Make the Whole Funnel Work


This is the first of a series on Elements of Every Funnel. The graphic here shows how they all work together to generate a conversion.

Though it’s not an outwardly facing element, something that’s always part of the mix is the management metrics (top-right). Today’s episode focuses on how to make the dashboards that contain those metrics work for you.

Here is the 7-step process described for building a marketing dashboard:

  • Interview stakeholders
  • Review Technology
  • Select KPIs
  • Group requirements
  • Select Charts
  • Prototyping/Wireframing
  • Launch

Ideas and Products mentioned in episode:

Entity relationship Model (ERM)

Database Schema

Extract Transform Load (ETL)






Google Data Studio

People mentioned in episode:

Special thanks to Doug McCaffrey who collaborated on this dashboarding initiative with me.

Ben Yoskovitz

Alistair Croll

James Hebdon

Robert Rose

Matt Heinz

Christopher Berry


Look at Nicholas Kelly’s site, Nicksight.com for ideas and products related to dashboard-making

Episode 8: Top Paid Search Updates of 2018

paid search updates 2018 recap

This episode looks at 2018’s Top Changes in Paid Search Marketing. We have three PPC Professionals who reviewed the long list of features that PPC platforms made in 2018 and cut it down to a handful that are having the largest impact on B2B companies. Hear what we think are the best and worst changes made this past year, and what advertisers should to in reaction to them.

2018 Top Paid Search panel

Special thanks to two people who know their way around all the major PPC platforms, Pierre Levasseur and Olga Gladycheva, for joining as guest panelists in this episode. The updates covered include:

  • Google Analytics Audience Report
  • Bing Native Intent Ads
  • Responsive Search Ads
  • Smart bidding Display campaigns
  • Click to Message Email Forwarding
  • Bing’s new LinkedIn targeting abilities through Microsoft Audiences
  • Google Ads Removal of some Budget Limits
  • Custom Intent Audiences for Display/Retargeting
  • New Script GTAG.JS in Response to Browsers dropping cookies
  • Google Ads Suggested Ad copy
  • Smart display campaigns
  • Increased targeting of mobile traffic on display campaigns

Episode 7: Integrating CRM and Marketing Automation into your Funnel, with Ed Goffin

Ed Goffin of Pleaora Technologies talks about CRM and Marketing Automation

In this episode, we hear from a company that’s successfully using two enterprise applications to run sophisticated digital marketing programs.


Ed Goffin works at Pleora Technologies and can be reached at ed.goffin@pleora.com

They use Salesforce as their CRM and Pardot for Marketing Automation.


Episode 6: Top Paid Search Updates of 2017

2017 recap Top Paid Search Updates

2017 recap Top Paid Search Updates
In this episode, a panel of PPC specialists give their verdicts on the changes made by Google, Bing and others during the year.


Panelists: Doug McCaffrey, Olga Gladycheva, Pierre Levasseur, being moderated by Glenn Schmelzle

Updates made by Paid Search platforms that we cover:

  • Custom Intent Audiences
  • AI Attribution models
  • Review & Promotion extensions
  • Ad variations
  • Modeling conversions via GCLID
  • IF function in Ads
  • Account Health score
  • AdWords Experience UI
  • Cross-device remarketing
  • Nearly Exact Exact Match
  • Youtube ad restrictions
  • GSP stops reading emails
  • AdWords + Google Optimize

Funnel Reboot tip:

Stay up-to-date through the Google Ads blog

Episode 5: Dealing with how work’s changed with digital

Dealing with how work’s changed with digital


This episode covers the way we work in digital. As the pace of work has sped up, we’re using more agile methods to plan our resources. As automation and artificial intelligence enter, we’re deciding how it gets used in our marketing stack. We are also figuring out how our organizational culture fits with this, so everyone can focus on a funnel that efficiently converts visitors into buyers.

This Episode’s Links:

turtles all the way down
turtles all the way down

Scott Brinker’s Book, “Hacking Marketing”

Jim Sterne http://twitter.com/jimsterne

Christopher P. Berry http://twitter.com/cjpberry


This Episode’s Reboot:

Read the Agile Manifesto at

Photo: Thomas Edison and ‘the muckers’ in front of the Menlo Park laboratory

Episode 4: Dealing with how digital is measured

Dealing with how digital is measured


This episode is about how digital has changed how we measure marketing. We’ll cover the explosion of data brought by the Internet. We’ll look at how to clean and filter data so only the right kind is used for analysis. We’ll talk about tools for analyzing and reporting data, for sharing data with core areas of our business, and also for insights we ourselves get out of it. Finally, we’ll see how more leads can be generated by analyzing how buyers respond to our content.

Links mentioned:

Urchin Software  (acquired/rebranded as Google Analytics)

Robert Rose

Difference between Stock and Flow numbers

Renaissance Men

Eric Peterson’s Big Book of Key Performance Indicators (author’s full-text release)

This Episode’s Reboot:

I’m going to recommend that you review your own KPIs. You can even benchmark them against some external KPI libraries out there. First time I learned these things existed, I was fascinated. There’s kpilibrary.com, free-kpi.com, smartkpis.com and others. These are all great places to get inspiration for choosing the KPIs that matter to your own organization.

Episode 3: Dealing with Digital Conversations

dealing with digital conversations

brad geddes


One of the ways that digital has changed marketing is in how buyers converse with sellers. the experiences we deliver actually facilitate a conversation where they buyer talks him or herself into either buying or engaging with sales.

Links Mentioned:

Robert Collier (great article here on the Collier Principle and Collier’s bio)

Cluetrain Manifesto, Ch 4 “Markets are Conversations”

Brian Clark “Educate people enough to do business with you”

Don Peppers & Martha Rogers books

Joe Pulizzi and the Content Marketing Institute 

Funnel Reboot:

Imagine you’re not a marketer for your product, but rather the person who it’s intended for.

  • Get a keyboard or notepad out and write down all questions you’d need satisfied before you’d feel ready to buy the product. If nothing’s coming to mind, you can pretend to be someone who has bought from you. A client you personally know, so you can picture what they’d say.
  • Now, go to your website and other online properties, and check off each question that those sources answer. Do you have any unchecked questions when you’re done? Those are the gaps in the conversation.
  • Make a plan to turn this rough list into a set of content topics you’ll cover , to give buyers the kind of experience that leads to a sale.
photo credit: Flickr Esben Fjord

Episode 2: Dealing with Digital Channels

dealing with digital channels


This is the 2nd in a 5-part series on how digital marketing’s different. This episode covers four prevalent types of ad channels (Search Results, ads preceding or near content, Ads in a Feed, Content-as-an-ad) and their targeting options.

shannon weaver model

Links to People/Things Mentioned:

The Canter & Siegel Spam Debacle

Samuel Scott article “How Google Analytics Ruined Maketing”

Rachel Parker

Mitch Joel

Robert Scoble, author of “Naked Conversations”

Perry Marshall, author of “80/20 marketing”

Funnel Reboot:

Use this matrix to compare your currently used ad platforms compare to the channels and targeting combinations available to you.

channels targets


Episode 1: Dealing with Digital, starting with You

dealing with digital starting with you

This is the first in a 5-part series on how digital marketing’s different. This episode examines how to do digital marketing well, we likely need to change our mindset and our skills.


“This instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and even it can inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends.”   These words belong to journalist Edward R. Murrow. Though he was describing television, it might as well apply to the primary medium of our digital age. The Marketing discipline in the Internet-era is wildly different than that of the TV-era. This episode asks how those of us in marketing have had to shift our thinking in this new era. What mindset and skills do we need to deal with digital?

Links to People/Things Mentioned:

Seth Godin

Terry O’Reilly

“The Hard Thing about Hard Things”, by Silicon Valley VC Ben Horowitz

Andrew Chen’s Law of Clickthroughs

Paul Roetzer author of the “Performance Marketing Blueprint”

This Episode’s Reboot:

Check out the skills inventory list from The Marketing Performance Blueprint (reprinted with permission). It gives a breakdown of the 15 skill areas that you can use to Assess your own abilities.

skills inventory assessment