Episode 150: Marketing Analytics Summit – Experts on where we go from here

It’s fitting, given how this is Funnel Reboot’s 150th episode, that we veer off of the standard format and dig into a niche within marketing that’s becoming a de facto part of every marketing function and is dictating new skills that every marketer must learn. I’m talking about marketing analytics. 

This episode is compiled from experts in the world of analytics. It was recorded on location at the Marketing Analytics Summit that was held in Las Vegas. It’s coming  hot off the press from the June 2023 event.

This episode is divided into themes discussed at the summit. Here they are shown with time markers for each chapter:

ChapterStarts atSpeaker (mentioning only first time they appear)
INTRO3:00Jim Sterne
GA5:56Sheena Green
Sara Hoffman
Kelly Anne Wortham
Kenya Gillette
Jenn Kunz
UX/Testing11:58Geddy van Elburg
Deborah O’Malley
Anna Smolina
Process17:53June Dershewitz
Brianna Mersey
People20:19Rachel Heseltine
Ali Groepper
Lina Mikolajczyk
AI’s impact23:50Ryan Levander
Mary Owusu
Facing Change28:48Anil Batra

People and events mentioned in the show: 

Deborah O’Malley, who was the guest on Funnel Reboot Ep 65

The winning analogy of the conference made fun of how loosely people add the term AI to everything. Kenya Gillette used soccer to characterize this. Imagine you were the person who designed the game, documented all the rules and scouted the earth for people to play it. 

Then someone says they can make soccer better…by simply playing the game ON THE MOON. That is the equivalent of saying that any business activity can be made better by adding AI to it.

2 Replies to “Episode 150: Marketing Analytics Summit – Experts on where we go from here”

  1. Awesome summary Glenn! Thank you so much for bringing your Blue Yeti with you and finding one or two very rare quiet zones for capturing some rare insights from the Marketing Analytics Summit speakers. You even made me sound like I know what I’m talking about – that’s serious talent right there!

  2. It was hard recording so close to this lively bunch! Well, guess that blows the analyst stereotype of being dull!

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