Episode 151: Analytics – worth the investment, with Martin McGarry

Analytics is something that everyone says they want, and some brag that they can analyze very well. But few people know what investment’s required to build a quality analytics function, and even fewer are good at justifying its value. 

Our guest Martin McGarry is so passionate about analytics, as you’ll see from his  backstory, if anyone can articulate the business value of analytics, it’s him. 

After completing a Bachelor of Science from The University of Manchester and studying at the University of Cambridge as a Doctoral Candidate, our guest worked in the UK analytics practice of a global Management Consultancy.  Due for a change after 6 years of that, he moved to Ottawa Canada and founded his own consultancy so he could offer a more independent approach. A while later started the firm he’s been leading for nearly 15 years, Bronson Analytics

In 2018 he began a recurring event in Ottawa called Beer & Analytics, which draws hundreds from the field together for learning and socializing. In 2022, the event went outside of Ottawa for the first time, being held in Toronto. 

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

Martin’s LinkedIn profile

Machine Learning Expert Andiy Burkov

The Hundred-Page ML Book

Synthetic data vendors like DataRobot

Simulation running, via tools like Simul8

Analytics practitioners need to do better at explaining their value

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