Episode 6: Top Paid Search Updates of 2017

2017 recap Top Paid Search Updates
In this episode, a panel of PPC specialists give their verdicts on the changes made by Google, Bing and others during the year.


Panelists: Doug McCaffrey, Olga Gladycheva, Pierre Levasseur, being moderated by Glenn Schmelzle

Updates made by Paid Search platforms that we cover:

  • Custom Intent Audiences
  • AI Attribution models
  • Review & Promotion extensions
  • Ad variations
  • Modeling conversions via GCLID
  • IF function in Ads
  • Account Health score
  • AdWords Experience UI
  • Cross-device remarketing
  • Nearly Exact Exact Match
  • Youtube ad restrictions
  • GSP stops reading emails
  • AdWords + Google Optimize

Funnel Reboot tip:

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