Episode 12: How Traffic Makes the Whole Funnel Work

This is part of a series on Elements of Every Funnel. Today, our focus will be on acquiring traffic.

People/Things mentioned in the show:

Bob Hoffman (Ad Contrarian)

Browser Protocols like ITP

Jay Baer

Display and Retargeting Platforms:
Google Ads

Perfect Audience


Rapp Media/InSkin Media Research

Social Ad Platforms:
LinkedIn Ads

Twitter Ads

Mark Schaefer 
Scott Stratten 
Kamila Gornia

Native Advertising Platforms:

Justin Mares & Gabriel Weinberg, authors of the book “Traction” 

Perry Marshall

For more on this topic, check out Episode 2: https://www.funnelreboot.com/ep2/

Episode Reboot: 

Check out the Acquisitions report in your Google Analytics.

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