Episode 12: How Traffic Makes the Whole Funnel Work

Fifty years ago, Author and Ad Age writer Bob Stone gave a framework for direct marketing funnels: list, offer, creative. This series expands that list for the digital age, itemizing the elements every website now needs to act as a funnel and generate leads.

In this fourth of our five-part series, we talk about traffic; not the automotive type but the web visitor type. This solocast talks about all the ways web analytics tools classify traffic to your site. Then I focus on four of those channels that you can affect for getting more traffic to your site.

Show Notes: 

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For more on this topic, check out Episode 2: https://www.funnelreboot.com/ep2/

Episode Reboot: 

Check out the Acquisitions report in your Google Analytics. Navigate in the left menu to “Acquisitions” to see all the submenu items.


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