Episode 13: How Content Experience Makes the Whole Funnel Work, with James Taylor

This is part of a series on Elements of Every Funnel. Today we will focus on the kind of experience we create with our content.

This is the fifth in our five-part series on Making the Whole Funnel Work. An experience is created with the content you write; but content alone does not an experience make. You can’t just throw together a collection of words and expect it to do anything. Here I talk with a web copy expert on how to craft content that provides a positive experience for the user. In my interview with James Taylor, you’ll hear the 12 steps he follows for creating content that measurably improves the number of users who engage and become leads.

Show Notes: 

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Episode Reboot: 

Here is James’ 12-step checklist for Creating WebPage and Blog Post content

Content checklist
Content checklist

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