Episode 14: The Role of Content throughout the funnel, with Lindsay Oliver

Disclaimer: The company featured here is not a sponsor of the show, nor have I affiliated with them. They simply bring a perspective that I think you’ll get some use from.

This episode takes us through the case of a company that seized the chance to market their product using content, tailored to each buyer’s vertical and funnel stage. Hear how they:

  • Implemented the email communications and marketing content into their Marketing Automation tool.
  • What kind of marketing resources they needed to build and maintain the platform
  • How to customize content for different audiences, without making too much work for yourself 
  • How to present dashboard data such that management understands how you use the budget to create content and what business-related numbers that influence.


Ideas and Products mentioned in the episode:

People mentioned in the episode:


If you haven’t yet built content, use the attached Content Planning Template

If you have content on your site and you are auditing its marketing effectiveness, use some of the templates shown here:

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