Episode 145: Building your own Community, with Paul Bradley

What traits do humans have that distinguish us most from other species? 

There are a few answers, but one I like is from the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who said it was our ability to form Society. In fact, he saw it as critical adaptation that ensures our survival:  

“…the only way in which [men] can preserve themselves is by uniting their separate powers in a combination strong enough to overcome any resistance, uniting them so that their powers are directed by a single motive and act in concert.”

We can apply this to society as a whole, and to smaller communities like: countries & ethnic groups, service clubs, businesses, User groups, Client forums. All are undeniably powerful.  

Communities can defuse customer problems, encourage some to become brand ambassadors and provide a means of word-of-mouth marketing like no other channel can.

What does it take to grow and keep a community?

Our guest will help us answer that.

Throughout his career, Paul Bradley has done the posting and moderating that you have to commit to if you are going to form an online community. Ever since graduating from Tulane University, Paul has been building communities that connect and educate professionals across myriad industries.

He has been part of Social Media Pulse (SMP) – a community of practice for social media industry professionals. He also launched and ran the community program at Agorapulse. Having moved to the education sector, he currently serves as Vice President for Kaplan Community.

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