Episode 144: Producing Videos that Produce Results, with Robert Weiss

Video is the most persuasive medium there is. That’s why Many of us are building our marketing programs around it.

Inevitably, the wildcard that crops up when we have an idea for a video is what will it take to produce it? The answers to this are all over the map. 

How much production value it takes is – as much as is needed for the video to produce your desired results. 

The impact a video has isn’t always reflective of the amount spent. 

Our guest started MultiVision Digital, a video production agency in 2010 and has made over 1,200 videos produced for every business objective. We’;ll hear from him answers on this and other questions to know about planning, producing, and distributing videos. 

Join me as we talk to  Robert Weiss.

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

Robert’s LinkedIn profile

Robert’s take on the average cost of a video:  In video form & in blog post form

Examples of the same video at three different budget-levels – How much does a video cost 

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