Episode 86: Video Ads with Cory Henke

You can break down advertising by the medium of communication, and since we all started with text ads, we’re comfortable with that format. We’ve also become comfortable with image ads. But there’s one format that can throw a lot of us – video. Of course, the production cost put into videos can vary wildly, and ad platforms like youtube have a huge number of options and nuances to know, but the one thing all video has in common is it makes a human to human connection that other media formats cannot hold a candle to.

To demystify this field, we’re talking with the founder of Variable.media

One of the nicest people you’ll ever meet in the PPC industry

He has appeared on Edge of the Web and the Inbound Success podcasts. He has also spoken at HeroConf, A4, SMX, IIeX and many regional digital marketing events on three different continents.

He got his degree from California Lutheran, where he also distinguished himself as a walk-on for the basketball squad.

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