Episode 16: Role of UX in a site’s marketing effectiveness with Farhad Khan

We can all agree that websites should persuade visitors to buy our products & services, right? There is a whole field that focuses on how websites do this, called User Experience (UX). 

To find out what marketers need to know about UX, I talked with Farhad Khan, an Ottawa-based expert on UX. He started out working as a software engineer for high tech companies and then formed a Web development agency called Grype Solutions in 2009. He has since received Ottawa Business Journal’s Top 40 under forty distinctions and has also started a podcast called The ButterFly Effect. 

Listen for his description of how design impacts a site’s marketing effectiveness, what jobs your website has, using your analytics tool to see how visitors flow through your site, making each page on your site interesting, and where sites are going when it comes to personalization.


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