Episode 29: What’s Needed to Scale-Up Marketing with Anastasia Valentine

What's needed to scale up marketing

Disclaimer: The company featured here is not a sponsor of the show, nor have I affiliated with them. They simply bring a perspective that I think you’ll get some use from.

This talk with Anastasia Valentine is about scale, something that’s clearly baked into everything she does.  Anastasia heads up Marketing at Rhonda.ai which is owned by IMI, but she has also been a CMO at startups and mid-sized companies, a seasoned speaker, and a strong proponent of developing future leaders. Here are links to Anastasia’s personal site, her profiles on LinkedIn and on Twitter

In this episode she shares:

  • How she scaled herself up from a tech support job and looked for ways to develop herself so she would meet the requirements for larger roles. 
  • Why marketers should know non-marketing roles and how to build trust with peers across the company so that when executive buy-in is needed, the bonds are firmly in place 
  • Why it makes sense to put marketing and sales under one umbrella
  • How present-day Artificial intelligence, despite it being more A than I, has a pivotal role in marketing’s future
  • Why, when it comes to being true to their values, marketers have a higher calling to choosing where they work.

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People, Products, and Concepts mentioned in this episode: 

Shopify and the rise of Headless Commerce

Jim Sterne

Resources on the Worldwide AI Summit site


Evaluate companies you’re considering working for by these three values:

  1. Do they have a talented, inclusive team?
  2. Do they have an incredible product?
  3. Are they committed to giving back to their community?

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