Episode 30: A nontechnical look at your tech stack with Steve Foster

Every part of marketing today runs thanks to technology, but few of us understand what actually goes on under the hood. This episode’s guest talks to us about what we really need to understand about our technology stack, and how we can use more automation in our marketing.

Our guest is Steve Foster, the founder of 628 Media, which helps businesses clarify their message and implement the tools and strategies they need to drive revenue and build their brand.

Steve was inquisitive at a young age, watching his father, a mining-company electrician, troubleshoot problems. Though he went through university for Mechanical Engineering, what really captivated him was human psychology. This carried through to choosing sales positions after school and, in 2013, starting a company devoted to helping other businesses sell and market themselves.

People, products and concepts mentioned

Tracking pixels

Green Geeks eco-friendly hosting

Google G-Suite

Microsoft Office 365

Many more tools are listed in a page prepared by Steve 

Steve and 628 Media can be found on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter

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