Episode 31: Dissecting Marketing Scams with Micheal Pacitto

We’ve all been pitched by MLMs in consumer categories like weight-loss and cosmetics. You should know there are similar operators in the corporate marketing world, scamming even experienced business leaders. 

Someone who’s seen this up close is agency owner Mike Pacitto. He’s angered by not only the real monetary damage scams cause; these bad actors also sour companies trusting the work of legitimate marketing agencies like his and mine. 

In this episode, Mike raises issues like:

  • How the internet amplifies the moral hazards of scamming people, because the vendor can set up a website for a negligible cost and disconnect themselves from it in an instant.
  • What are the vendor’s responsibilities in screening the buyers with whom the odds of success will be highest
  • How Marketing scammers and gambling institutions sell a money-losing activity but that gambling advertisements come clean about this, while scammers claim that they can make people money. 
  • How not to become a victim.

For complete Show Notes, go to: https://www.funnelreboot.com/episode-31-dissecting-marketing-scams-with-micheal-pacitto

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