Episode 34: A Founder’s Foray into Marketing with Pat Crosscombe – Talent Tradeoffs

This is part of a series on how to structure a growth team, in particular the marketing resources that generate sales leads. Every resourcing model along the in-house to outsourced spectrum was covered in the four-part series, with each guest giving their take from their respective position as an internal or external resource. Their views are here in these episodes as well as in a webinar hosted by the agency behind this podcast, Marketing What’s New. To hear the full panel’s answers on which in-house or outsourced model is right for your company, go watch the recording on the Marketing What’s New site – it’s ungated.

She has a self-proclaimed passion for livestock management (animal husbandry) especially cows. This led her to get a (Ph.D.) in Education from Cornell University and a career as a Government researcher. She took a hard turn in a different direction when she bought her first home – a condo and joined the condo board. Being a volunteer board director is a tough job, so she built a software solution that would make it easier. This caused her to found a company in 2014 that serves boards. Boardspace is a sub-10 employee company that makes SaaS software to help boards manage their work. 

People/products/concepts mentioned in this episode:

Episode Reboot

Be ready to backfill the activities you hire a marketer to do.

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