Episode 33: An Agency Lead’s Perspective with Nathan Pabich – Talent Tradeoffs

This is part of a series on how to structure a growth team, in particular the marketing resources that generate sales leads. Every resourcing model along the in-house to outsourced spectrum was covered in the four-part series, with each guest giving their take from their respective position as an internal or external resource. Their views are here in these episodes as well as in a webinar hosted by the agency behind this podcast, Marketing What’s New. To hear the full panel’s answers on which in-house or outsourced model is right for your company, go watch the recording on the Marketing What’s New site – it’s ungated.

This episode’s perspective is with Nathan Pabich, a director with Chicago-based SEO and PPC marketing. agency  Digital Third Coast    

This episode covers:

  • How the outsourced staff who work at an agency are specialists, as opposed to marketing generalists that work in-house. Also hear the economic advantage of paying for agency specialists on an as-needed basis
  • The talent-hiring challenge that are faced by agencies and employers on the brand-side, and how the type of client projects an agency brings on helps them retain their staff.
  • The kind of leaders within a client’s organization that agencies hope to work with and how an honest dialogue about what is or isn’t working makes for a great agency-client relationship.
  • Limits on how much an agency can learn about your industry environment and mirror your culture
  • How far agencies are willing to go with being tied to your revenue-related metrics

People/products/concepts mentioned in this episode:

Episode Reboot

See the  Infographic comparing SEO done In-house vs an Agency on the Digital Third Coast’s blog.

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