Episode 46: The Lead Machine by Rich Brooks – Summer Books

This is the first show of our “Summer Books” series, our featured book is called The Lead Machine: The Small Business Guide to Digital Marketing by Rich Brooks. 

Businesses know that for their marketing to have a significant impact on revenue, they have to put some effort into it. Many are confused by where effort is most needed and how to measure it all. Rich Brooks gets this and his hope in writing the Lead Machine was to break this whole marketing puzzle down into its constituent pieces. 

Rich Brooks is founder and president of flyte new media, a digital agency in Portland, Maine.  He founded The Agents of Change a weekly podcast that is about to cross the 400-episode mark. He is a nationally recognized speaker on using digital channels like search, social media and mobile for marketing to your audience. Rich also hosts the Agents of Change conference which takes place in Portland, Maine.

This episode begins with websites, which Rich sees as the cornerstone of your marketing assets. We then skip through the chapters he devotes to SEO, paid traffic, Social Media, Email, Podcasts and Video. We also explore how to contextualize this investment, so we have a yardstick to judge whether we aren’t spending enough or we are spending too much on marketing.

People, products, concepts mentioned in this episode:

Rich’s BARE marketing framework

    • Build
    • Attract
    • Retain
    • Evaluate

John Lee Dumas

Google Data Studio

Rich Brooks’ contact info:

Agents of Change Podcast/Conference

Flyte New Media

Fast Forward Maine podcast

Rich on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram

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