Episode 52: Unfair Marketing with David Rodnitzky – Summer Books

Has this ever happened in your career?

  • Sales told you that a deal was lost even though you have a superior product
  • You’ve seen the positioning statements listed in your website or in your ads twisted by your competitors, to exploit some weakness
  • You saw an industry award or splashy press go to a competitor rather than to you
  • You faced a rival brand undercutting your pricing to grab your market share 

It’s maddening when this happens, but the truth is, marketers don’t get participation ribbons. Each of these things may be unfair, but they are also situations where you could have grabbed the upper hand and reaped the benefit over your competitor.  

That’s the premise of the book Unfair Marketing which came out in 2021, written by David Rodnitsky He is the founder of 3Q Digital, an agency that has over 350 digital marketers devoted to advertising, analytics, decision science, strategic consulting, creative, and conversion rate optimization. Many of 3Q’s clients are in silicon valley,  which is where they are based. You would no doubt know the names of the companies they serve.

People/Products/Concepts Mentioned in Show

David’s Five levers:

  1. Unfair Data
  2. Unfair Knowledge
  3. Unfair Brand
  4. Unfair Access
  5. Unfair Money

Episode Reboot. 

Get a free copy of the book at www.3qdigital.com/unfair-marketing

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