Episode 88: Getting Marketing Projects Funded, with Kevin Dieny

When you want to improve some part of your marketing. You quickly start thinking about how you’re going to get your boss to agree to it. It’s not the easiest thing, but it is possible. 

And I know this because our guest today has done it many times. In his own words, Kevin Dieny is a true marketing nerd who  works in the marketing team at CallSource. I met him at a national marketing event where he gave a presentation about justifying the Money needed for Marketing Projects. This is one of his passions, along with Paid Search, Marketing Analytics and in particular, using data to show ROI. 

He holds a Bachelor’s degree from California State & an MBA from University of Redlands. When not working, Kevin likes wrestling with his four kids, loves cooking, and enjoys everything Batman. He is also the host of Close the Loop, which is a podcast designed specifically for small and medium businesses who are trying to improve their marketing.

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Episode Reboot. 

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